Keeling makes its debut at Pitti Uomo 102


Il brand Keeling chooses the edition Pitti Uomo 102 for her debut in the world of fashion internationally. The crowded press conference took place during the days of the event, at the stand of the Cavaniglia Pavilion. What Keeling makes? It is a trademark of beachwear and beach accessories, an international company that brings together capital and human resources from the United Arab Emirates, U.S., China and Italy thanks to Sealand International, Emirati company based in Dubai, belonging to Hercules Holding. The brand takes its own name from the Cocos Islands (o Keeling ), external territory of Australia consisting of two atolls e 27 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. Keeling has two of the stars of the Southern Cross constellation as its logo (she has 5 and 7 marks), appearing in the flags of Australia, New Zealand and its Cocos.


But let's see what Keeling proposes again. The feature that makes it unique is the technology that accompanies its Italian design. This is a particular patent relating to the dyeing process, chiamato “Clean Color”, which allows you to break down the 98,9% the use of water in the process, resulting eco-friendly and eco-sustainable. “Our patent allows garments to be dyed even with a particular solution that is completely biodegradable without leaving a trace on the environment”, says Keeling's Chief Technology Officer Tommaso Conforti. Keeling is also the owner of the machines that allow the adoption of Clean Color, which will certainly be used by many other companies in the future. Last note, non meno importante, the fabrics used for over 70% derive from recycled materials.

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