Fantastic Trio

I am one of those instances that likes to enjoy the beautifully landscaped area, which is a little apart from the rest of the city, and analyze the minute details while sipping coffee.










And if you close one of my favorite places in town open fantastic, to the smallest detail perfectly decorated cafe – then it hit! This is a newly opened cafe, located in the beloved s science, close to the School of Music and dearest to me park. Of, Carpe Diem, cafe that oozes style and good taste to the one who has edited, surely. Definitely something that should Zenica!













Others would definitely Jazz Club, cafe located in the heart bazaar, with unusual and beautiful interior. Beautiful garden cafe right next to the street with one, and completely isolated, surrounded by walls, on the other hand. Enjoy the view of passers-by, or hidden from the eyes of citizens? For you to choose.










And the last that I singled out in this list “fantastične trojke” is Cafe Bar Bonaparte, located in one of the most beautiful parts of Zenica, Staroj carsija. Different from other, wonderfully decorated – irresistible vintage pieces fused with modern style in a creative and original way.


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