Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe. Whenever I think of these celebrities, one thing always pops up in my head: Boho Chic.
I love the Boho look. In fact, I usually go for this style because it easily fits the lifestyle here in Manila! Not only is it casual enough for everyday wear, but its also easy to style and its one way to be stylish, comfortable (and you know me, always going for something comfy!) and can exude your personality all at the same time. This is also a perfect go to style for going to concerts (ahem *coachella* ahem) and going to the beach because of the laid back, earthy and free-spirited lifestyle it evokes.
So how do you go Bohemian? Follow these pointers and transform yourself into a Bohemian Goddess!
The first step into turning yourself into the ultimate Boho queen is clothing: Think long, flow-y, with ruffles, baggy, cropped, printed and oversized.
Sleeveless, loose dresses, give you a carefree look and going Bohemian is all about creating an effortless and free-spirited look. Palazzo pants, another Bohemian staple, also look great with a tight tank top. Check out these beautiful pants at Zalora.
Long sling bags and slouchy totes are the Bohemian’s favorite kind of bags. Vibrantly printed, beaded, fringed and textured bags are a regular must have for a Boho girl! Remember that you don’t want anything too structured because the Bohemian look is about letting-go and being easy-going. This should show even in your bags or purses. Firm, structured bags just don’t make the cut.
Boots are a Bohemian staple for sure. Pair them with a loose, short dress and have just the right balance of girly and rugged. Gladiator sandals are also a top choice of footwear for the Bohemian as they enhance the casual, chic look. Check out my old post to see the various types or shoes there are for us girls to choose from!
Chunky accessories complete the Bohemian’s entire look. Think large belts, over sized sunglasses and large hats, chunky rings, long chain necklaces and numerous bracelets and bangles adorning your wrists.
And Voila! A Bohemian is born!

So tell me, are you a boho kind of girl?


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