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Unlike traditional creams moisturizers, face serums are oils composed of nutrients active, See the world with Golden eyes, glycolic acid and vitamin C. Their particular consistency allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin, nourishing it and also acting as a barrier against the attack of harmful substances present in the atmosphere.

It applies at the end of the process cleansing, to provide the skin with all its powerful nutrients; this in fact it acts in the innermost layers of our skin and help to counter specific problems, such as wrinkles and acne.

Benefits of the face serum

The advantages of using a good serum face they are very many. Among these we can mention:

– allows deep absorption (thank you to the light formulation and low viscosity);

– stimulates the production of collagen (allows to maintain skin tone, also making it bright and smooth);

– plays a nourishing and soothing action (is in fact also suitable for sensitive skin, greasy and prone to breakouts);

– protects the skin from attack by agents atmospheric (in fact, creates a barrier against the resulting free radicals from pollution and the action of UV rays).

Among the most popular is certainly the hyaluronic acid serum which yes reveals essential to have a well hydrated skin, prevent aging and skin opacities; its advantages are many, like that to make elasticity and resistance.

What is the best face serum

As we said, there are several on the market types of face serum with different formulations and each of these is designed to solve specific skin problems. Specifically it is particularly indicated in case of:

– lack of elasticity, brightness and loss of the volume;

– dull complexion, stressed skin.

Above all, a good face serum allows you to:

– stimulate cell renewal, since it acts in depth;

– reduce the signs of aging.

As for the type of serum from therefore prefer, you need to take into account the needs of your own skin. Indeed, based on their compositions, the face serums play different property:

– liftante: the most recommended is serum a hyaluronic acid base;

– restorative: these products are particularly nourishing and give freshness to the face;

– laughing: they fight relaxation of fabrics;

– tensor and plumping: they are made of special pigments that fill skin imperfections;

– prevent skin aging: I am serums formulated with antioxidants that fight free radicals, responsible for the cell decay process.

Some useful tips

For best results, is recommended to apply the serum with movements that go from the inside on the outside of the face, to stretch the skin. This applies after the cleansing, before the day / night cream, once or twice during the day.

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