Sartoria Rossi champagne party in Rome

Rome, 17 May 2012

In the elegant and refined spaces of Sartoria Rossi boutique, Piazza della Repubblica 51, staged an event from the glamor and convivial colors: champagne party.

Including tailored suits, shirts, ties and all that is necessary to the modern gentleman, pm 18 a succession of guests took part in this cocktail that will be remembered for different reasons.


The light coming from the crystal chandeliers, the woodwork, It made the most 'warm parquet from the carpets color, were the elements to create the right atmosphere for the prestigious parterre.

Red carpet ... Here comes one of the first Marquise Dani del Secco D'Aragona in an elegant dress from shades of turquoise with long suede gloves.

Little by little the boutique Sartoria Rossi toast soul, smiles and worldliness. To welcome Erica Advanced guests, Press Office, and Andrea Raffaelli.

They arrive the Countess Emilia Paglicci Reattelli, Marquis Giuseppe Lambrech, Count Maximilian Pulvano Guelfi, Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, the Marchesa Costanza Afan De Rivera Costaguti, Countess Elizabeth Giriodi of Panissera, the p.r. Elena Valentino, the lawyer. Modena Carlotta Marongiu, gettonata the journalist and blogger Sonia Swallows, Elisabetta Gualandri, Daria Piacentino, the brothers Filip and Laura Walis and many others.

We can say that it was so good that no one wanted to go away! For all guests a kind gift of Sartoria Rossi.

Credit: Michela De Nicola, Mauro Rosatelli




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