Risultati asta Maison Bibelot di Febbraio 2013

An oil painting on canvas Venetian School of the XVII century –Costantinopoli vista dal Bosforo– ha popped the best award of the first rod 2013 of House Trinket.
From a starting price of very low 800,00 euro reached 18.000 EUR conquering the top of this auction halls immediately followed by –Figura con pipa– (1954) of Antonio Bueno with 17.500,00.
Good adjudications also works Quinto Martini which will be hosted with a staff to Hermitage Museum in June its Landscape a Seano– awarded to 2.500,00. It remains for modern and contemporary art a positive trand.

It confirms the jewelry industry with attractive awards for jewelry Thirties to top a couple of earrings with baroque pearls and gold diamonds 8.250,00 euro and many awards of gold jewelery Forties and Fifties, in addition to the coins in gold.

Great interest in lots of devotions from the beautiful Madonnas painted, ceramic and porcelain crucifixes in ivory and wood, the reliquaries and various saints all awarded with much acclaim from the estimate base.

Always positive Galileo Chini. Good performance also for linens and furnishing textiles in addition to the traditional decoration antiques.

House Trinket

The next auction the’ 11 and 12 April

On Line Catalogue www.maisonbibelot.com

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