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Philomena è un concept brand in which both the creative research and the intimate and spiritual dimension of the designer converge. The name Philomena derives from the Greek letter PHI and celebrates its enchanting shape, symbol of the golden proportion. Philomena is based on the idea of ​​making aesthetic value coincide with attention and sensitivity that give substance to the ethical dimension of the brand. In tune with an increasingly felt sensitivity aimed at conscious production, the raw materials and all the materials used are vegan, without using animal skin.

Theattitude of the brand is not to respond to trends and the strict relevance of trends , but to define your own dna based on design research, of materials and taste. The result is undoubtedly a singular approach like the ideal personality of those who choose these accessories.

The lines developed by the brand are three:

MUL MANTRA: a line made of cellulose;

JAN: One that refers to the Sardinian fairy tale and is made with the singular Sardinian workmanship by local artisans while the finishing of the bag is made in Abruzzo.

APPLE SHINE: the leather-apple line(leather-like material, which is made with apple scraps )

All accessories are Made in Italy. By virtue of the sophisticated research that involves the creation of these extremely particular accessories, Philomena stands on very high quality standards and all the lines of leather goods are meticulously processed without ever resorting to animal leather.

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