To the cashmere stole: a precious ally also for the summer

Lana e cashmere d’estate? Assolutamente sì! There are many who ask and, even if most of those who read us perhaps do not imagine it, the answer is yes: cashmere is perfect and highly recommended even in the hottest months of the year, one more reason to love this fabric e, once tried, do not part with it anymore. Let's see together with the professionals of Torch, luxury fashion brand specializing in the production and sale of refined stoles in cashmere and silk / cashmere blend – what distinguishes cashmere from other yarns and makes it a precious ally of our summer, as well as what are the uses that can be made of accessories made with this fabric during the hottest months.
Cashmere: because it is perfect for summer

Morbido, very beautiful and versatile: the secret of cashmere – so valuable that it is known as "golden fleece” – lies in its very thin fibers. Thanks to breathable properties and thermoregulators, also, the cashmere fibers absorb the moisture of our body, they expel it to the outside in the form of steam and keep our body temperature always constant. A thermal insulating effect thanks to which we feel warm in winter and cool in summer!
Also, for being a totally natural fabric, cashmere is endowed with great delicacy: let our skin breathe and avoids the formation of parasites, often at the origin of annoying itching or allergies.
Thermoregulator, breathable and among the most fabrics sustainable on the market: cashmere is loved for its refinement, but also to be a healthy product for our body and respectful of the animal world.

Why wear a cashmere stole in the summer

Therefore, only a doubt remains: how you can wear a cashmere garment on a summer outfit? In reality, the occasions in which to wear a cashmere garment can be many, especially in summer. In particular, one of the garments made in this yarn that is most suitable for wearing during the summer months is the stola in cashmere, that – in addition to being a very elegant luxury accessory able to donate a touch of class a qualsiasi outfit – it is extremely practical and comodo to take with you to protect yourself from wind and temperature changes, typical of summer evenings or frequent appearances during days spent in the mountains or by boat.
A beach holiday, A boat trip, a weekend in the mountains or visiting a city of art: in all these situations a cashmere scarf or stole will be perfect to give a touch of elegance and originality to a summer holiday!

If you decide to spend a few days in mountain, per esempio, you will need a cool garment but at the same time suitable to protect you from the lowest temperatures: wearing a cashmere scarf you can cover your neck, chest and shoulders in case of temperature changes and combine a more sporty look with a stylish accessory.

You prefer to opt for the mare? During the day, your cashmere stole will easily turn into a elegant cover-up, perfect for aperitifs on the beach and romantic walks at sunset. In the evening it will be a precious accessory with which you can embellish your look for all occasions, from the more formal and the quieter ones, while sheltering you from the breeze that often rises after sunset in the resorts of

Love the barca a vela and you will spend your summer holidays here or take a simple day trip? You can only adore it practicality of these garments: extra-thin cashmere scarves are convenient to carry with you in tight spaces, useful for protecting the skin from the sun, wind and temperature changes, as well as being a real touch of chic for evenings on board or ashore in some refined location.
If, on the other hand, you decide to visit some cities of art as tourists, cashmere scarves can be very useful in all those situations where the air conditioning is too strong: that you are on public transport, in museums or shops, your beautiful and practical stole in your bag will protect you from a sore throat, colds and summer neck pains typical of colds. The same applies to the less fortunate who will have to stay in the city for work in the warmer months and who continually experience temperature changes between the outside and closed spaces with air conditioning, as offices, trains, shops and clubs.

Without forgetting the more traditional events such as matrimoni, ceremonies, summer gala events and dinners: at any time you can wear a light and refined cashmere stole, to wear as you prefer to protect yourself from temperature changes during the evening or to cover yourself in the case of dresses with showy necklines during ceremonies in places of worship, always maintaining a certain elegance. The cashmere stole is a must for wedding looks for both the bride and the guests, as it will further embellish the dress you will wear! The important thing is to choose these two elements together to recreate a harmonious and classy effect.

Sciarpe e stole Toosh: elegance and refinement for any occasion
Now that we know in which situations during the summer it is ideal to wear our cashmere stoles, let's see how to choose the right ones! When it comes to buying garments in such refined and precious yarns, it is good to pay a little attention to aspects such as fabric quality, the production methods, and the authority of the brand.
Toosh's Made in Italy scarves and stoles, per esempio, combine all this in one product: fruit of most advanced textile technology and production techniques protected by various patents worldwide, the Toosh scarves and stoles are distinguished by quality, lightness and refined style.
Unisex, available in solid color e a fantasia in many variations: Toosh scarves and stoles are the perfect accessory for any situation and season! Look for a specific color or design? Toosh provides for the ability to request theirs customization, communicating a specific Pantone code or sending a sample of the
fabric to match the stole.
How to wear them? On this aspect you can really indulge yourself by choosing the nodes and the
more particular ways for various occasions: full width as a shrug, knotted
for daily use, let it fall around the neck for a more jaunty look.
As plots you can choose between:
twill, the reproduction of the ancient Shahtoosh, for daily use in the colder seasons

garza, made of extra-thin cashmere and perfect for versatile use all year round
diamond, characterized by a diamond pattern and antipilling properties
tartan masai, with its checkered texture inspired by the traditional shuka of the Masai people
sail, una stola in cashmere ultralight, refined and light, perfect for summer weather and ideal for special events
Result of patented production techniques to make garments in extra-fine noble fibers, voile is a soft cloud of pure cashmere: 140×200 cm of transparent veil, impalpable but at the same time warm and enveloping. He veils, together with the other stoles and scarves, it is a reminder of the Made in Italy also for many Hollywood celebrities who today rely on
Toosh to perfect their red carpet outfits with elegant stoles in pure extrafine cashmere.
If you too, like them, you are interested in unique products, precious and expression of the best Italian craftsmanship, then Toosh stoles and scarves are what you are looking for and all that remains is to find out more in our online shop or by taking a tour of the Milan showroom!

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