Illudia collection of fairies

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Florence, 20 January 2012
One presented by Illudia, brand within the group Keyart, is not just a fashion show but one exciting show that takes the viewer through a process that involves all the senses: view, hearing, taste, olfaction. One of those cases where the fashion is art and interacts with the event pubblico.Cornice the nineteenth-century theater Goldoni, a small chest in the heart of Florence. From the boxes of the selected theater curious guests watch the catwalk, the music starts, the lights go down and the show begins.
L’Islanda, its magic and folk beliefs are the mood that inspired the collection. A land inhabited by elves and fairies ... and there they were in front of our eyes perform in a compelling performance, TPO, and in the darkness of the theater with their heart shine like little fireflies on a warm midsummer night. According to the belief Eva showed up only to God her children who had been able to cleanse your face, while hiding those more 'dirty. The first men became the second was the origin of the race of elves and fairies.
Here parade fairies in blouses and shirts in lightweight voile or warm and cozy knitwear. The nuances are different from the romantic tones of blush and beige ones minimal cornflower blue and fuchsia. A giant screen projecting the sequences of short film called “From innocence to experience”, focuses on the remembrance of childhood, the images play and blend with the stage lights.
As well as the fairies wore only their long hair or clothes made of leaves and flowers modern fairies wear floral prints, micro optical designs. The lightness of the chiffon, silk and jersey fabrics interacts with more 'as winter knits, il tweed.
Each fairy who looks in the mirror can be seen reflected a different picture ever: a woman or a girl. For these women, who have not lost a part of their being pleated skirts and make proposals, tailor in tessuto loop, fun faux fur jackets and a wide selection of knitwear.
Just as every dream has charmed its end we are awakened by the applause and the glow of the lights. The little Sienna Eto'o, daughter of Samuel, one of the most famous footballers in the world has marched for this event. But that's not all.
The taste is delighted to be a dinner party and smell tickled by the charming and helpful cadeau: un Profumo. And like every perfume also this fashion show will leave his scent in our memory as a small card that will be used to compose a mosaic of beauty that each of us longs.
The beauty and art will save the world, who knows maybe even the fairies!
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