The gentleman Roberto Cavalli

An ancient cloister private street hood Milan is the perfect backdrop for the menswear collection spring summer 2014 Roberto Cavalli. Un gentleman, fascinating and mysterious, that makes coat his strong point.

Double-breasted, jackets and shirts printed tone on tone, embroidery inlaid. Il chiodo nero con pelle stampata in rilievo con tira-zip intrecciati. Camicie e giacche seguono il corpo, i pants with pleats give greater ease. Kacquard, lana fresca, cotton. La collection favors dark tones: beige/marrone, blue variables, white / black, will.

Since last collection Roberto Cavalli together with his son Daniel have started a more rigorous research, experimentation, tailoring but also in the way we communicate. No more parades but the total look in the suggestion that the environment can be transformed into a sort of live installations, full of references.

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