Gab debut at Pitti with the men's collection

The Italian brand Gabs Franco Gabbrielli he launched his first men's collection at edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

An important step for the designer Franco Gabbrielli, that after more than 10 years dedicated to the creation of bags and accessories designed for women, He decided to concern himself with a male product.

The iconic model G3, must-have collection for women, It is interpreted leaving intact those features that have made the distinctive world Gabs Franco Gabbrielli: originality, fun, color and functionality.

The G3 Man is dedicated to the demanding consumer, attentive to detail and quality Made in Italy and proposes the concept of transformation, always been the pride of Gabs Franco Gabbrielli.

Da business bag a tote bag, until you get to a travel bag bigger, convenient from wear. Suitable for any time of day, the G3 Man has developed over 30 variations in which are different materials and prints: from the neoprene fabric, from photo printing to sailing, skinned black rock flavor until you get to a more easy allure.

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