Emanuela Biffoli the straw hats

The tradition of straw hat was born in Signa, in the province of Florence. A job, that of straw craftsmanship, documented in Tuscany since the Renaissance. To a piece of the history of his city, Emanuela Biffoli dedicates a collection of hats that echoes tradition by adding all the flair and color that have always been part of the brand's DNA.

Panama embellished with faux leather buckles to match the bag and with brightly patterned ribbons, wide-brimmed sun hats with tassels and pom poms, brightly colored or fringed buckets, delicious fedora models and refined borsalino with bows and ribbons in grosgraine then again colored straw, striped or woven, frayed, embellished with romantic flowers or precious jewel elements ... Emanuela Biffoli's straw is a riot of style and imagination.

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