Curiel: L'Alta Moda omaggia Tchaikovsky

Raffaella Curiel loves to inspire his proverbial sartorial genius of past: Vermeer , Velasquez, Picasso, Frida Khalo, Victor Hugo, Proust. In the collection autumn winter 2014 – 2015 choose to lead us to the tune of a compelling and romantic Tchaikovsky: slips off the magnificence of everyday life in the palaces of the tsars, the aristocracy refined and cultured. E poi Russian sinfonie, slave, Polish raised a ballet of ethnic groups from the Baltic to Mongolia: high and refined luxury of the nobility and the creative imagination of the common man to Chekhov. And so fabrics of every color and composition are revealed in the combinations of harmonics together: i burned the green amethyst ruby ​​black gold turquoise.


All changes fantasies cashmere, Hand-woven or embroidered, chicken foot, principe di e rafters galls per i tailors, printed velvet or merged, crepes. Games in stitching clothes, tailors a doppie gonne, below the knee and above Pencil in contrast, build a sophisticated and aristocratic woman with pronounced shoulders and slim waist. Russian tunics with rich jewel belts and evening explodes luxury than ever researched obtained by the superposition of embroidery fabrics drapery. The faithful parterre Curiel composed by the ladies of high society, and not just Roman, applauds and says "This here is high fashion."

of Carlotta Marongiu

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