Cantieri Baglietto: un 46m e un 54m firmati da Francesco Paszkowski

Baglietto, historical shipyard based in La Spezia founded in 1854 in that 2014 celebrates 160 years in business, opened the year with the signing of a contract for a new 54 displacement meters in steel and aluminum, designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design and intended for a European ship owner for delivery in the summer of 2015.
Born from the platform of the well-proven 53 meter Baglietto leading boats illustrious names as Blue Scorpion, Gitana e Baraka, The new 54m is strongly refurbished in lines and volumes that recall the style of the new production Baglietto signed by Francesco Paszkowski Design: soft and dynamic exterior lines alternate with geometric shapes and square while the stempost very slender evokes the boats northern.
The boat is equipped with two Caterpillar 3512B engines to a maximum speed of ca.17 knots and a cruising speed of 13 note.
The shipyard Baglietto currently under construction in addition to 54m, two units of 46m, displacement hull, 58m and a displacement reached the stage of tank testing; between planing boats, instead, are currently building a 43m and 46m while it is in the process of designing a 38m.

Baglietto 46m

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