Buccellati new collection “Opera”

Buccellati choose London and Spencer House, one of the most beautiful and lavish town house of 18 century, for the launch of new Opera Collection.
Inspired by the new logo of the Maison, It characterized by thin lines sinuous and harmonious, Opera It is composed of a wide range of creations: bracelets, necklaces and chocker, rings and earrings. The size of each piece of jewelry are extremely variable and are available in different combinations with various colors of gold, thus being able to meet any special requirement.
The central motif of the collection recalls the Renaissance architecture and Venetian, but the name itself - Opera - evokes tunes booklets famous Italian composers, by Giuseppe Verdi to Gioachino Rossini, by Gaetano Donizetti and Vincenzo Bellini Ruggero Leoncavallo.
The connection with the Teatro La Scala in Milan is immediately evident: Milan is the city where the brand was founded in Buccellati 1919 and where he opened his first boutique. Milan is the city where even today there are goldsmiths of the Maison, in which hundreds of artisans collaborate fully dedicated to engraving and stone setting.
Work is inspired by the culture of the Italian Renaissance: the ideal of absolute symmetry expressed in flower, which it is both a symbol that recurring motif, Typical repetition of a decorative motif that creates pleasing visual effects. All this makes opera a masterpiece, as all production Buccellati.
All the jewels of the collection are in gold of different colors (yellow, White and reosa), with or without diamonds pavé, and some are decorated with sapphires and emeralds, making it the creations of the highest value.

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