Tiffany party at the Teatro la Fenice in Venice for opening

It was held on the evening of 21 March, in the splendid setting of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the exclusive party to celebrate the opening of the new Tiffany store & What. in Calle Vallaresso 1336/A. Per l’occasione, the façade of the historical Venetian theater lit the charming Tiffany Blue color.
Many guests attended the event along with Florence Rollet (Group Vice President Europa, Middle East e Africa), Raffaella Banchero (CEO of Tiffany & What. Italy and Spain) e a John Loring (Design Director Emeritus di Tiffany & Co.), including White, Purple and Vera Arrivabene, Luisa Beccaria, Lucilla and Lucrezia Bonaccorsi, Constance Gherardesca, Sofia Witz, Scilla Ruffo di Calabria, Mila Serena Di Lapigio, Madina Visconti di Modrone, Margherita Puri Negri, Andrea Raffaelli, Massimiliano Galletti.

Tiffany & What. New Store Opening Gala At La Fenice Theatre
To celebrate the opening of the new store a few steps away from Piazza San Marco and in the opera Madama Butterfly in honor program at La Fenice, Tiffany & What. has exhibited in the foyer of the theater his collection of butterflies, that can be admired until Saturday 26 March.

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