Relaxed and decadent, with tribal and nomadic inspiration –the Winter 2015 collection combines elongated and layered silhouettes with languid tailoring capturing the opulent mood of 1920’s Paul Poiret.
Colours and fabrics are rich and warm – camel, teal, jet black, turmeric, and hibiscus juxtaposed with shimmering metallics, topaz blue and acidic pops of orange. Textured feather and crocodile jacquards mix with soft, fluid pale silks and sequins for the evening.
Knitwear is key with layered knit jacquards and printed knits in tribal and feather inspired artworks. Oversized luxurious coats, relaxed velvet tuxedo jackets, wrap-front trousers and circle legged jumpsuits bring a fresh, confident direction.
Opulent lame’s, sequins and mirrors for evening and heavy tribal stitch works combined with bold floral designs are worn with cashmere layers.
Accessorised with men’s dinner scarves, hand embroidered cross shouldered bags and smoking slippers for an effortless yet elegant look. “This season is both effortless and confident, one collection for all the women of Temperley London"- Alice Temperley MBE

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