Superman is Back!

How many times, as a child, you have played with Superman (, dreaming of adventures stratospheric? Now the adventure becomes a reality, thanks to the experiment carried out by the Italian branch of With the Mattel Toy Box ( in collaboration with DesignSpark, Panasonic e Warner Bros. The five have created a unique journey, that will REALLY our Superman to travel through the clouds, in a spacecraft consists of a capsule and by an atmospheric probe.
During the flight will be collected, thanks to technology and Panasonic RS Components Data
mission (altitude, temperature, Weather) through videos and pictures in HD. Both Superman that the capsule will be monitored via a connection via low-frequency radio and a GPS, and will reach a distance of about 39 Km da terra. Once landed, Both will be located and retrieved.
Ready for takeoff? Video of space travel Superman will be online on the website of The Box of Toys ( /) in late October.
We here, a Scenario, we can not wait and monitor the experiment on the site, giving a look to the community DesigSpark RS Components ( where you can learn all the technical details of the mission and see suggestions of makers, fan experts in electronics and technology.
We are also keen to tutorial ( ) made by children and parents that explain how to build a spaceship in the house. Try you too!
In the meantime, we are preparing Superman, with gymnastics, flight from the second floor of an apartment in the center, Coffee bar and treats from the bakery downstairs. Even superheroes need to rejuvenate the stomach, especially before missions that will leave a mark. Ready for takeoff? Il video del viaggio spaziale di Superman sarà online sul sito de La Scatola dei Giocattoli, at a date still secret. See you on

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