The students of I'M Isola Marras

To the tune of the pop duo 'The Genius’ opens the parade Spring Estate 2015 I'm Isola Marras. On our chairs a singular university brochure with lots of entrance test and no, find her there was not a case.
This time the designer plays to take the place of Chancellor of the University of Alghero. His women are immature freshmen from all over the world, who meet to study in the Sardinian city.
Struggling between lessons and exams, its naive Lolitas wear a uniform to college revisited in the style of the house, who chooses the maxirighe white and blue, However, in alternating t-shirt, pea coats and voluminous skirts and wide. At the foot sandals with three layers: leather, straw and tank. In a head french basco, very much in use among the fishermen in Sardinia.
For this collection, the designer has fun like never before, as if to convey a sense of frivolity typical of twenty years. Sweaters and sweatshirts imprinted the words University of Alg Hero, or the abbreviation AHO, as if the university in question was a prestigious university overseas.
In order Marras is unleashed in a game made of polka dots, stripes and flowers, His personal style.
of Claudia Press


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