Stefano Ricci “Royal Suite Collection”

The tradition of design prints created over the years by Stefano Ricci comes out of the attire collection to become the protagonist of the bespoke home.

The Royal Suite Collection was created in 2009 by Creative Director, Filippo Ricci. The collection entails all the artisanal manufacturing skills expected from the STEFANO RICCI brand.

The Royal Suite Collection is made entirely by the expert hands of Florentine artisans, who enhance the values and heritage of the company’s cultural roots. A home collection rich in harmonious suggestions, such as furnishing focused on the desire to offer coordinated products for a bespoke home that reflects entirely the philosophy found in Stefano Ricci’s clothing. The foundation is rooted in the well-groomed details, with the highest quality of materials and artisanal craftsmanship. A true representation of the expectional design details required for the STEFANO RICCI discerning customer who only desires the best quality of manufacturing and design. This collection highlights the creativity, design excellence, uniqueness and impeccable elegance of the STEFANO RICCI brand.

Art de la Table

Table place settings, tea and coffee sets created in porcelain and bone china enriched by handcrafted precious details such as designs in 24 kt and 98% Platinum. Fine porcelain and crystal in the form of elephants, eagles and other animal figures are designed as centerpieces that can also be used as art pieces in the living room. Crystal glasses engraved with meticulous Florentine artisanal designs that are all in line with Stefano Ricci’s signature tie designs.

Household and Gift Items

Decorated ashtrays, lamps, ice buckets and ornamental containers all made in fine porcelain. Elegance and luxury are conveyed in the geniuine crocodile skin frames, chairs and sofas. The chairs and sofas made in briarwood with back and seat cushioning lined in precious silk or completely finished in crocodile skin. The crocodile skins are personally selected by the Ricci family.

Bedroom Sets

Opulent proposal of sheet sets with exclusive design options. Prints include silk with paisley designs, silk with embroidery coordinated to the table sets and embroidered linen in poplin cotton and cashmere-silk. For the cold winter nights there are warmer options such as the silk quilt and the cashmere down comforter. Along with a wide selection of plaids in cashmere and mink. In order to walk around your bespoke home freely, there is also the elegant STEFANO RICCI robe made of silk and soft cashmere.

Bathroom Sets

Collection with a refined line of cotton towels and robes. Complete the bathroom look with the elegance of the “Platinum “perfumed bubble bath, shampoo, body lotion and soap sets. This collection reflects true preciousness and excellence.

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