Chika Kisada Primavera Estate 2019

The spring summer collection presented in Milan,,it,Chika Kisada,,ja,Vortices of colors on the painter's palette,,it,almost chasing the rhythm of vigorous waves but,,it,A kaleidoscope in the water and waves that dilute until they disappear into a transparent foam that spreads seductively in search of light,,it,like petals scattered after a dance,,it,Chika Kisada p was launched in the,,it,a line for urban women,,it,but looking for a quality product,,it,Chika Kisada Primavera Estate,,ny 2019 of the brand Chika Kisada,,ny,almost chasing the rhythm,,it, Vortici di colori sulla palette da pittore, quasi a rincorrere il ritmo…

Kristina Fidelskaya Fall Winter 2018

The inspirations for Kristina Fidelskaya’s new Ready-to-Wear collection are multiple: A touch of androgyny in reference toBowie coming out of the Carlyle Hotel in