RadiciGroup and CSP International launch the Oroblù Save the Oceans tights

Create a quality and fashionable textile product that is at the same time sustainable thanks to a limited impact on the environment. This is the challenge it has broughtRadiciGroup – Italian company born in Bergamo leader in the production of polyamides, synthetic fibers and technopolymers intended for applications in various fields, mainly in the textile / fashion sector – andOroblù – high-end sock brand owned byCSP International, group operating in the production and distribution of socks, underwear for men and women and swimwear located in the Mantua area – to cooperate forcreate in Italy the first tights made with yarns obtained from the recycling of PET bottles.

Two realities that symbolize excellence Made In Italy, orientate all’innovazione e alla sustainability, who have decided to combine their know-how with the aim of creating a performing product, elegant and respectful of the environment. It is from this perspective that it was born“Oroblù Save the Oceans”, the black pantyhose, 50 money, realizzato conRepeatable, the new polyester yarn produced by RadiciGroup, obtained through a post-consumer recycling process of plastic bottles, which allows to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce water and energy consumption.

Repeatable è stato scelto da Oroblù, after a careful study and evaluation phase, for its unique characteristics and high technical performance, that fully meet the needs of the project Save the Oceans. In addition to not consuming new virgin raw materials, Repeatable, it is also dyed in the mass, allowing a further saving water and electricity used in processing.

"Our product strategy -he pointed outAngelo Radici, President of RadiciGroup – it is increasingly oriented to increasethe use of recovered raw material, without sacrificing the performance of the solutions we offer to our customers. We worked side by side with Oroblù to put it on the marketa quality tights, beautiful and sustainable that could satisfy the needs of even the most attentive and sensitive consumers to these issues. And it is a source of pride for us to be able to work with companies of excellence in our territory. "

An initiative that enhances a textile product normally bought on impulse, making it an objectespecially desirable for the new generations, increasingly looking for comfortable garments, feminine and sustainable at the same time. This sock represents a fashionable product, which is a symbol of female emancipation, now also responds toneed for aesthetics and sustainability of the very young.

“Our company has always developed collections that they offerquality products, in which the careful stylistic hand, in concert with the product development team, has always paid constant attention to eco-innovation "spiegaCarlo Bertoni, Chief Executive Officer of CSP International Fashion Group. “We have developed the concept of sustainability by integrating it with our working method, attraverso laselection of recycled and recyclable raw materials, guaranteeing the wholetraceability path, forti, also of the fact, that the production cycle is mainly based in Italy in the Mantua area. For years we have been working with RadiciGroup with whom we have implemented the important project "Save the Oceans”, making pantyhose thatdress women's legs and are good for the environment at the same time.”

Thanks to this collaboration between two family businesses, strongly rooted in the territory, but with an international dimension, thus one is bornItalian production chain totallytransparenttraceable anda km zero, included in the area between Bergamo and Mantua.

It will be possible to buy the "Oroblù Save the Oceans" tights at the best selected lingerie boutiques and premium department stores starting from August 2021, with the arrival in the stores of the autumn-winter collection 2021.

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