Peperosa: shoes sauce glamor

Peperosa tribute to the glamor and elegance with Spring-Summer collection 2015 combining style, comfort and quality. Skin, nappa extremely soft velor and combine with printed fabrics, often flowers, that bring to life the atmosphere of the late 70s hippy.
Studs, rhinestone, buckles and straps then enrich the collection of lights and precious details. Peperosa offers many models: loafer, lace-style dandy, dancers, booties, sandals and sneakers, that for the first time make their appearance in the collection of this brand.
The color chart sees the triumph of neutral tones, tones of beige, the blue in all its nuances, brown and black with white and cream vengonomixati. Inevitable seasonal colors like pink, orange and yellow but in subtle tones and never excessive.

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