EXTREMELY the Milan Design Week 2016

Three emerging creative studios, Fanfulla, Workshop 33 and Octagonal, They found common inspiration in going beyond, over schemes, beyond convention, EXTREMELY.
A wrap-around and dream concept, a meeting between architecture, decoration and design that will amaze the visitor like a Wunderkammer, all to be discovered, in the name of pure wonder. graphic texture, furnishings and craftsmanship will create a dynamic path that will unfold in three areas linked together that will result in the visitor three different sensations, contaminandosi: a promenade through time and space, in search of the traditional techniques, towards innovation of styles and materials.
The interior space communicates with the outside world in a continuous exchange of suggestions, in this magical encounter between craftsmanship and creativity. To enrich this journey through time and space will be the architectural picture of Betta Gancia.
exceedingly It will be open to the public from 12 to the 17 April, pm 10 to 19.
Save The Date
between architecture, decoration and design
a Wunderkammer to discover
from 12 to the 17 April
Opening Party: 13 April, pm 19 (invitation)
Via Tortona 31
internal courtyard

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