Neima Sitawi americana col cuore “made in Bologna”

If you had to describe her Luxury Boutique Fashion in short words, Neima Sitawi, American who lives in Bologna for several years now, would say: longing - that is something timeless, that lasts forever - simplicity, delicacy; and then the importance of the made in Italy, that she is the key to the whole philosophy behind the brand.

For the customer a guarantee, in good taste as much as the quality of products; just think that the clothes they work the same seamstresses choices from the most famous national signatures and that every event in the Luxury Boutique Fashion Neima Sitawi is absolutely exclusive: well beyond the simple choice of garments, guests are involved in 360 degrees by means of the afternoon, music, candles and atmosphere.

"I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was six years - he says Neima sitting on the couch of his wonderful boutique, Bologna - taught me to draw my father, that made me do chores with handkerchiefs and other creative ways. He was an engineer, but the soul has always been an artist: musicista, photographer, linguist and more ".

Customers have the opportunity to see the leaders ready, but there are also many studies and realizations. The most interesting feature, however, is in the freedom of interpretation that everyone can give their clothes: just to give an example, capes of the new season 2013 They can be worn in two ways and they point a bit 'to the enchanted world of fairy tales.

Neima Sitawi is a successful woman in his life has managed to fulfill his dreams. What is your typical day?

"Start by none other than the 5:30 del mattino, because in addition to the work in the boutique I await me also my family. The first part of the morning goes to treat the organizational aspect of my daily activities, so I can say that my real workday and starts his own lunchtime, when customers contact me or make me visit to receive some advice; in the meantime I do not forget to get in touch with my seamstresses, to make sure they have everything they need.

I often make conference calls with Russia and Germany, interviews and other meetings. Also twice a week I see my editor for a book I'm working on and I dedicate myself to the research for my new collections. But fate too much time to the organization of events and the association Connect Bologna, born recently (”.

Tell us some curiosity more. Your favorite character?

"Among the many, I really appreciate the personality, style, the grazia e di Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel class. Per me, Gabrielle was a woman who represented precisely that simplicity and the timeless style I mentioned earlier, total opposite of what usually is the fashion ".

Hobbies and passions, beyond fashion?

"I am a true lover of the kitchen, although at the time my busy life allows me to devote myself to this little passion. A few years ago it took me much more time cooking and experimenting with food. For me it is a way of expressing love.

Also I love the dialogue, the exchange of opinions and points of view, the mentality plots. I also love to teach and share what I learned with others. Finally, I love photography and drawing ".

About Kitchen: favorite dish?

"Il Bimbim father: It is a Korean dish! I also really like thai food (larb gai) and Vietnamese (as gung)”.

The color that you recommend it to a piece of clothing?

"Brick or pumpkin. I love the richness of these colors, the profound relationship with nature that they transmit ".

A last question: What is beauty for you?

"Beauty is an individual certainty that comes from their intimate. She is a woman who realized their dreams or is it in the right way to do it, a new mom, a girl just graduated, a satisfied hostess and passionate teacher. In fact, beauty is unique and completely individual ".

of Chiara Gicobelli

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