Natruly launches natural chocolate with chicory root

Change the concept from "product that is not bad" to "product that is good": is the philosophy of Natruly, Spanish start-up landed in Italy for about a month, bringing with it the first line of naturally sweet chocolate grazie alla chicory root che comprende: the hazelnut and cocoa cream, 4 kind of chocolate bars Chocolicius, melting, al latte, with orange and ginger, with raspberries and cocoa beans, 2 variety of peanuts covered with chocolate, with dark and milk. With a high fiber content, chicory root eliminates sweeteners and has many beneficial effects: helps relaxation and sleep, promotes digestion and the renewal of intestinal flora, lowers blood sugar, increases satiety and helps weight loss. Christmas chocolate binges are safe!

The Italian commercial network is based on agreements with the main players in the health sector, includingMacrolibrarsi, Source Nature, Prime numbers, Natural plus, Melaverde Bio, that as soon as they left they were sold out.Prime numbers saw it goa ruba proprio the spreadable cream hazelnuts and cocoa and thechocolate bars with chicory root, that the children nicknamed in the shopthe chocolate that smiles for the playful packaging and the design of a smile.

The attraction for sweet flavors is ancestral. For many it becomes a psychological comfort. But excessive sugar consumption is harmful: it is related to the onset of dental caries, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is supported by the "Guidelines for a healthy diet" of the Ministry of Health, edited by the Food and Nutrition Research Center. Starting from this awareness Natruly chose to make a difference by designing new healthy products, including chocolate.

How did chicory root come about? It was a lucky and winning discovery, that the company has made its own after more3 years of research. "We started with the development of the chocolate-based spread and for the 43% of hazelnuts: we sweetened it with the healthier added sugar, the coconut one, which has a low glycemic index, and a small amount of sugar, intorno al 10% – 15%, instead of 50% the 60% found in most similar products. We have arrived at a good result – spiegaNiklas Gustafson, founder of Natruly together with Octavio Laguía -.Ma we ran into an unexpected problem: the high temperatures separate the hazelnut oil from the cocoa. We then withdrew the creams we were launching and went back to the laboratory to look for new avenues. In our research to solve the problem we have come across chicory root. It took some time to get the formula right, but from the beginning we understood thatthis was a revolution: as well as working to mix ingredients, chicory root allowed us to eliminate sweeteners».

Today Natruly's is chocolatehealthier on the mercato. Texture and flavor are perfect and there is no trace of sugar.Because then the use of chicory root is not widespread? "NIt is not easy to find the right recipe to use it, – he repliesThe Guide -. It is not a sugar or a sweetener, it does not interact in the same way with the other ingredients. We have faced a path of attempts, marked by numerous failures, before arriving at the solution. It is also more expensive than other alternatives. Above all, to make this choice one must be pushed byreal desire to create truly healthy products».

The inclusion of these products in your diet helps to keep the daily consumption of sugar under control, beating the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) which advises to stay under the 5%, about 25 g, of free sugars that is, those added to foods and beverages and usually present in packaged products. A percentage that according to Natruly is excessive and against which he fights. Also, if it is true that the prevention of diseases related to sugar intake starts with proper dietary education, WHO also proposes to individual countries to work on transparency of the labels of products containing sugar. A rule that is not mandatory by law, that Natruly made his own by choosing a honest and transparent language for their labels.

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