Nara Camicie chooses ERRANI STUDIO as the press office


Errani Studio expands its customer portfolio and announces the entry of Nara Shirts, leader in the field of shirts. Errani Studio will take care of following all the Press Office and Public Relations activities for the brand.

Nara Shirts, founded in 1984 by the Milanese entrepreneur Walter Annaratone and beyond 30 years specialized in the production and distribution of women's shirts, it was recently acquired by the Fenicia Spa Group led by the brothers Fabio and Sergio Candido respectively president and CEO of the Group.

Errani Studio will support Nara Camicie in this new course that will start with a restyling and a timely expansion strategy: the offer will focus on a lifestyle line, garments of high sartorial quality, trendy and contemporary, with the ultimate aim of satisfying a larger market share and opening the doors to a younger clientele as well; from a commercial point of view, a series of openings of innovative flagship stores are planned, with a focus on international markets and not yet explored by the brand such as the Middle East, East Europa ed Africa.

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