Mermazing summer swimwear 2022

Certain, velvety, fashion e… SUSTAINABLE! The secret of the swimwear 2022 of MERMAZING, beachwear brand born in 2018, lies in the fabrics with which they are made: those of Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, Italian excellence at an international level in the production of warp-knit and circular-knit stretch fabrics, that every year contribute to creating the latest fashion swimwear.
Dedicated to women and children, most of the costumes in the collection 2022 of MERMAZING are in fact made with eco-sustainable fabricsLIFE of Carvico and RENEW SHINE of Jersey Lomellina, both made in ECONYL®, nylon thread 100% recycled from shoe and post consumer material, including fishing nets abandoned in the seas.

The top models Coco and Gabrielle, a two-piece and a whole, are made of fabric PANAMA by Carvico, a beautiful smooth velvet, soft, refined, shiny and bright, which gives the costumes a seductive look, elegant and feminine and above all it dries very quickly. Performance, quality and technicality of Carvico and Jersey Lomellina fabrics combine with the creativity and style of Italian fashion, for collections 100% made in Italy, captivating and original that love and respect the environment.

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