Marcello Corrado Executive Chef of the Mindful Restaurant of Villa Eden

To the Tasting Room at Eden’s Park, the hotel's gourmet restaurant 5 luxury star located in Merano, the chef arrivesMarcello Corrado that, with its kitchen, is ready to give guests authentic taste experiences, of health and imagination. Promoter of a seasonal cuisine, tasty and attentive to the enhancement of the territory, in 2022 Marcello Corrado becomesexecutive chefof Villa Eden, marrying hermission gastronomic: offer guests inviting and tasty as well as healthy dishes.

The gastronomic philosophy on which theTasting Room at Eden’s Park in fact, it has its roots in the search for authentic flavors, of the best quality ingredients and the most advanced techniques, with the aim of giving guests a true multi-sensory journey that in addition to the palate, it also envelops and involves the heart and mind. It is precisely in the elegant atmosphere of theTasting Room at Eden’s Park, in a location of indisputable know-how, that the patrons will have the opportunity to taste dishes entirely made with ingredients of the highest quality, healthy, eco-sustainable and almost exclusively organic, made with care and passion by the hands of chef Marcello Corrado and his brigade.

The tasting menu, flagship of the Tasting room of Villa Eden, has been designed for all those looking for a kitchen with an artisan soul, delicate and aromatic; able to express authentic tastes through exciting combinations such as risotto with pea chlorophyll, of pheasant breast in crepinette with roots and tubers in foil or roasted sea bass. The menu, which varies according to seasonality, it includes six courses in all (both meat and fish), with the addition of amuse bouche and pre dessert, but the customer can freely choose to taste even just three or four courses from the menu, which can be paired with wines carefully chosen by the sommelier of theTasting Room at Eden’s ParkElisa Gufler.The tasting room is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 19.00 su prenotazione, also for external customers.

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