#SweetMalìparmiLayers in Florence

When spring arrives, these days we think the boutique Malìparmi Florence to give a bit of color with a cocktail in the name of greed.
A winning combination that staged Tuesday 24 between Malìparmi and the chef Enrico Panero of Restaurant da Vinci, Eataly Florence, with a special "Aperitif Gourmet".
At 18:30 had sent the show cooking of the first sweet-inspired brand, #SweetMalìparmiLayers.
One of the most popular concepts of Malìparmi, the "layering", is the idea from which this sweet multilayer was born, infecting even the kitchen with the mix & match di texture, patterns and colors. Composing aromatic notes and floral scents mixed was discovered a new balance, similar to the heart of the collection A Hundred Views, Spring Estate 2015 Malìparmi.
Fashion e food, bubbles and wanting to have fun. The recipe? Contained in a colorful bag gifts.
di A. Raffaelli

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