“The’ Aquila Forever” in tribute to the victims of the earthquake

Palaces, castles, churches, arches, gates of the walls and fountains in the historic center of the floor plan in the shape of heart were the conditions of emotional TWO CHORAL WORKS de L'AQUILA FOREVER, exposed in two cultural centers of Rome Capital: from 18 October to 1 November 2014 to Gabriella Ferri and 29 novembre al 13 of December to 'Aldo Fabrizi.
The installation dedicated to L'Aquila, 99 CHIMES FOR A RESURRECTION, is composed of 99 small paintings as original interpretation of the city in its symbols (99 in reference to the number of the city, created by the federation of 99 castles, and 99 are the chimes of the Civic Tower, repeated again every midnight) and will be donated to the New Student House; the other dedicated ad-Onna, ONNA IN THE HEART, a 70 dall'eccidio years during World War II, will be donated to the town ONLUS Association.
The two works were carried out by Italian and international artists, invited by the Archives of presenteeism.
The exhibition also includes two sections parallel cameras: "L'Aquila sopra", which offers a selection of photographs of the city and its surroundings taken by professional photographers, and "L'Aquila under",(edited by C.A.I. dell'Aquila), showing locations of the subsurface of L'Aquila, tra cave e busine, otherwise not open to the public.
Cultural Center "ALDO Fabrizio", via Third, 14

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