JOHNNY LAMBS AT PITTI UOMO 102 Spring-Summer collection 2023


With the Spring-summer collection,it 2023 back on the market, making his debut at Pitti Uomo 102, il brand Johnny Lambs, after the acquisition by the Campania entrepreneur Giuseppe Nardelli. Spring Estate 2023 is the first complete collection by Johnny Lambs and translates the values ​​of the brand's DNA by reinterpreting them on the basis of contemporary sensitivity and aesthetics.

The creative project maintains l’Irony and playful tone, that take shape in one total look collection but focused on polo shirts and colorful knitwear rich in original graphics and patterns and distinctive character. Paisley, a particular archival animalier and argyle will thus become continuous patterns and figures of a brand that will make use of a varied and articulated color palette from season to season where, only absent, it will be total black. The collection “Have a nice day” SS’23 tells the refined in a new and fun way world of golf clubs. Il brand, which is personified in a teenager who will be paired with an iconic red baseball cap from season to season, ai loafer, to knee socks and Bermuda shorts, representative items of the collection being launched, for the SS '23 he introduces us to a young caddy, with the collection animal print waistcoat.


Polo, cardigan, vest, sweatshirts, t-shirt, coach jacket, pants in jersey and denim, bermuda shorts and swim shorts constitute a total look proposal that finds its distinctive character in vital and original combinations, where the exclusive patterns alternate with the photographic prints of the golf course or almost watercolor of the caddy Johnny Lambs, floral or Haitian women. The fantasies and patterns are placed side by side with the more basic items in solid colors to respond to the inclusive desire of the brand to guarantee"The need for the superfluous", another claim of the collection, to a transversal target both in terms of age and physicality.

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