Creativeness, head, figurative meaning: meeting with the couturier Domenico De Santis

appointment with Domenico De Santis, fashion stylist, in his Roman atelier, fervent laboratory of ideas, trends and creativity by the Duomo; walls covered with sketches and desks crammed with colorful sketches and samples are the backdrop for an impromptu chat with a young Italian interpreter of international fashion.

The language of fashion can 'be defined universal. On the one hand the trends, styles are propagated in a flash in all parts of the world. From another side of fashion remains the exclusive preserve of a few. And not only for budgetary reasons. How to reconcile this dichotomy?

I agree that it is not just a matter of budget. But the real problem I think is that women today have too many clothes from various sources and their personal style has been devoured by the system because they have not the time to create an image of their own. Change appearance so often that we no longer know what their true personality. Here, I would say that the style should be the fruit of a constant search, greater self-awareness.

Describe in one beat his personal idea of ​​fashion.

quoting Carine Roitfeld (former director of Vogue Paris) desecration of bourgeois conventions, remaining in full charge of the bourgeois. Why else who will then sell the clothes?

Valentino elegance is "the balance between proportions, emotion and surprise ". What it means for her elegance? And 'it changed the course of his career on his way to live this' condition', or research, and to express it concretely in the realization of his clothes?

Keep in mind that Valentino He lived fashion the golden years and that times have changed. The fashion of today must necessarily be a compromise between the rigid dictates of the past and the new needs of the contemporary woman. True modernity, then that is my philosophy, It is knowing how to create beautiful products that make life easier for those who use them.

How did her creative intuition?

I am traveling very much and I observing learned to absorb the different cultures, ad interiorizzarle, without putting up walls. This attitude gave me the keys to access this melting pot and to decode my insights .

There is an element, a particular applicant, a trait which could never give in 'processing of his creations?

Surely femininity, I do not love the androgynous woman in trousers and jacket to speak. The common thread of my creations is definitely a discreet femininity, an elegance that starts from research on fabrics and focuses on the details.

As the Figurative influence his personal conception of color and forms?

Often fashion has become descriptive or figurative as in the case of surrealism in Schiaparelli, o Matisse in YSL, or more recently Mondrian recognizable in Fendi it's still Lucio Fontana in Jil Sander. I would say an untruth if I said not to be influenced in my own creative path.

Which artists or art movements influence or have influenced his approach to the creative world?

Surely Calder for strength and color highlights. As for the film I always had a passion for Hitchcock and I confess that it has suffered the charm and seduction dell'algida elegance of his muses as Grace Kelly Tippi Hedren e.

haute couture, craftsmanship and quality materials. Where the ingredient that makes this fashion?

I would say a lucky and incidental amalgam of elements. But also the consistency, the leadership of a taste that determines real stylistic turns.

Style, fashion, look: entrepreneurship or creativity needs?

I put it on this floor: The time of great economic crisis we are experiencing enormous difficulties in Italy and in the world especially for those with a business, You can translate into an opportunity to stand in front of new creative challenges.

What it means for her success and how it interacts and in his personal life?

very little. first rule: Success does not change what you really are better or for worse. second rule: never underestimate those who now counts for nothing. The wheel can always turn and often does. Everything begins and ends, is the alternation of fortunes. I think it is important to try to give their best even when it is not nobody, following the instinct and passion. The fashion is especially a world that responds to specific codes of lights but also of deep shadows. I am aware of the precariousness of human affairs.

In your opinion, fashion can have a role of rapprochement and integration between different peoples and cultures.

I really think so. Italian fashion in particular because of its leadership, It could play a 'work of formation and construction of the taste for the people who want to dress Western. I think many countries are ready to take certain posts, more than we think. Naturally, the look of a certain West, and Italy in particular, It is limited to the short-sightedness of the clichés that highlight some cultural or religious aspects of other peoples, but they ignore the potential.

“Made in Italy” significa moda, obviously, but also music and fine food: As the Italian tradition is in your opinion the distinctive element so sought after by the rest of the world?

I would say so. Italian being is definitely having an added value. Always in the world we are admired for our taste, from fashion to wine.

Cities that describe his personal and professional human geography.

Paris because it offers endless inspiration, inspirations and the sense of beauty which has literally invested but also for the strong energy that reigns in the front row of fashion shows. The New York of the 80s instead for his non-conformist and rebellious disposition open to new turmoil underground.

What if you could travel in time, in which historical period would want to live?

In the early 50, When Dior and Balenciaga were beginning to dictate the laws of fashion constantly entering the market with new ideas, creating an expectation and a DC voltage.

You can mention the theme, the subject if it is identifiable, of his next collection?

Transparencies and intaglios with facing materials. Jackets in techno-mesh fabric or leather evening combined with the transparency of pleated silk dresses and organza.

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