On the occasion of the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan The Bronzetto presents SOUNDLIGHT, a new generation of lamps at the same time source of light and sound. The vintage and industrial look meets the innovative sound architecture technologies designed by two other Florentine excellences: Volumio and Glauk. An interesting collaboration born to enhance the already natural propensity of the lamp to amplify light and music, due to the peculiar enveloping conformation. Thanks to EXCITERS, created by Glauk and used instead of the classic loudspeakers, is the entire surface of the object that emits the audio frequencies, solicited, that becomes an amplifier box, with a three-dimensional and omnidirectional sound rendering. SOUNDLIGHT was born from an idea of Niccolò Tardelli. A single source of light and sound perfect for small rooms, with a simple but striking design, that faces this new edition of the Milan Show in three versions: land, table and suspension. Characterized by a hemispherical shape (almost a meter in diameter), all the lamps in the collection are made of brass and entirely covered in gold leaf, and customizable in the finish of the structure.

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