Il Better Denim di LIU JO Men’s collection


Per la Spring/Summer 2022,Liu Jo Men’s Collection (the exclusive licensed project managed byCo.Ca.Ma. Longobards) reinterprets its iconic jeans in an eco-friendly key, thus embracing the projectBetter Together launched by the brand in 2019 to affirm their commitment topromotion of a sustainable culture and respect for the environment.

I key-items Brian (regular fit) and Frank (slim fit) are thus declined in version Better, always maintaining great attention to detail. Indeed, every detail, from seams to metal details up to tags, is designed to create eco-friendly products that increasingly substantiate the green path taken by the company. Il packaging, made of clear recycled plastic, it is equipped with an anti-UV filter that protects the jeans from the sun's rays which could alter their characteristic indigo hue. Also, this material is compostable and will be used for all Better Denim garments from the Liu Jo men's collections.


All Better models are made with a denim blue-rinse that, thanks to the "zero washing" carried out dry and cold, guarantees a reduced use of water, energy and chemical agents during the entire production process. Attention to detail is also found in the rear label, made of denim, thus creating a "fabric on fabric" effect that makes it a distinctive element of this new line.

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