The table-lamp Emma Scolari

Emma Scolari presents lamp-tables line NOLI ME TANGERE, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2016, the eponymous light installation, at the space Ventura XV in the district of Ventura Lambrate.
The tables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be manufactured in different sizes, colors and materials.
A slab of marble, the size of 180 cm per 80 cm, "Chopped" in half creates two tables placed against a painted metal structure, that following the natural line of rupture of the stone material will skim just, creating a crack in the center that lights up with a simple touch of your fingers, thanks to a LED and an integrated motion sensor.
These tables give life therefore to tactile and sensory experience that is revived and strengthened in the areas of Ventura XV, in what is a real art installation that takes the same name – Touch me Not. With this Emma Scolari work, who calls himself a craftsman architecture and design, He wants to show the genesis and development of his design career: the formal research and raw materials up to the stages of implementation of each product, at the same time it is an object of design and operation, but which retains the artistic value of the single piece.

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