The models "ghost" of Domitalia

They look like the ghosts ottoman / coffee table Casper, lamp Ghost, la poltrona Phantom and the two-seater sofa-2 Phantom of Domitalia, signed by Root & Orlandini Design.
Can be used both inside and outside, in Polyethylene They come in different colors but also as translucent polyethylene with internal lighting.
Resistant to abrasion and weathering, are 100% recyclable, can be used both inside and outside, and easy to clean. Domitalia It has equipped these models of an internal lighting system, available with wire and bulb energy saving fluorescent white light fixed, or LED lighting version equipped with rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 8 hours.

The LED system alternates various colors: white, pink, fuchsia, red, yellow, verde e blu. Apart from choosing the hue, you can adjust the intensity, the speed of color change, intermittency and fading through the supplied remote control.

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