Georges Hobeika Couture Fall Winter 2015-16 collection

Delicate and refined, the Georges Hobeika Couture FW 2015-16 collection celebrates the ceremony of the Five o’clock Tea. The delicacy of manners, the aristocratic gastronomy and the traditions of the elite “Cafe Society” are revived through vaporous and elegant silhouettes on which sumptuous and decorative motifs of porcelain art stand out in bold relief.
Respected English custom is revived on designs whose graceful and youthful curves evoke the contours of a cup of afternoon tea. As if propelled by their own force, luxurious and abundant flowers seem to spring forth from mellow fabrics, becoming a lyrical landscape of colorful prints.

GEORGES HOBEIKA Couture FW 15_16 #48
A myriad of majestic pansies, beautiful jasmines and cheerful lilies of the valley accompanied by succulent berries come to life as meticulous embroideries that vividly rise from all sides, as if the twilight breeze is whispering through their delicate petals. Belts elegantly define the waist in borders of gold.
Sometimes blue and white shine in contrast to announce the light of dusk; other times, petals seems to languish in the red melancholy of Autumn. Calm or spirited, a thousand shades of tea quench precious fabrics – silk shantung, organza, guipure – whose ethereal grace and royal luxury are a supreme ode to the elixir of life.

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