Exclusive Paris debutta alla MFW 2021 ospite Alec Monopoly

Great success for the MFW debut of Exclusive Paris with an alchemical event between art, luxury and fashion. For the occasion, the iconic tracksuits of the brand, that combines creative vivacity with aattitude vitale, meet the inspiration of Alec Monopoly, international artist who came directly from the USA, with a live performance and DJ set. To frame the presentation of the new A / I collection 2021-2022, which is characterized by the choice of chenille as the main fabric, a dance troupe that wore the new suits Exclusive Paris.


Thecompany of streetwear, born in Rome in 2018, immediately attracted the attention of a young and metropolitan clientele thanks to the right mix of social media and exceptional testimonial.

An authentic story that tells of the success of a young creator and entrepreneurPatrizio Fabbri, class 1988, that after years of work in the retail world, made the dream come true to launch a clothing line that sets new standards in the field from streetwear.

Thus was born Exclusive Paris. A project that Patrick, founder and artistic director of the brand, follows in each single aspect, as he explains himself: "I develop and supervise everything myself, from the choice of fabrics and graphics to the fit, up to the choice of celebrity endorsement». Passionate about fashion since childhood, the Roman entrepreneur has behind a long experience in the fashion world, a perfect example of self made man made in italy.


Exclusive Paris focuses on two values: there continuous stylistic research and an obsessive attention to detail, declining the street taste by Fabbri in fine fabrics and sophisticated details, for garments by style cosmopolita and original, that they have conquered numerous protagonists of the trap scene, hip-hop and more generally music of the our country. All characters who have become fans of the brand in such a way natural thanks to the originality of the signed proposals Exclusive Paris. A success that has rewarded the modus operandi of a company in which the experimentation in the field of trendy streetwear goes hand in hand with there quality. It is no coincidence that all the garments are produced in Italy and use premium fabrics.
The Exclusive Paris philosophy is summed up by the claim ‘Be Exclusive’, which refers to the ability to interpret a unique style of one's own genre, dynamic and transversal, choosing clothes in constant evolution, original and with an international appeal without ever being extreme.

The suit remains a cornerstone of collections available in countless colors, but over time the offer has been expanded to other categories for men, woman and child, and now ranges between suits sweatshirt and trousers, bodysuit, shorts, giubbini, jackets like fur in chenille, t-shirt with contrasting lettering, tracksuit enriched with fluorescent inserts or animalier motifs.

Convinced that having a brand "it does not mean taking a t-shirt and putting your own brand on it but it is equivalent, instead, a obsessive search for exclusivity and novelty», Fabbri is determined to bring Exclusive Paris all over the world, convinced that "the moment will pass and we will come out of this crisis with a new spirit of collaboration, stronger than before.». An all-Italian story of courage and know-how that is expanding from Rome to the world, also thanks to the pervasive power of music and social media.

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