Elisabetta Franchi autunno inverno 2022-2023

Revolutionary, Revolutionary, Revolutionary. Revolutionary, which the designer translates into an unprecedented fashion show. No longer just models who interpret a female stereotype, but also real women, credibili, contemporary, that every day represent the brand in the world, dresses them and takes them on the catwalk to promote a model of feminine authenticity.

It is the women who have always chosen the maison's creations, who dress the brand in everyday life and who share its values. They are all those women who with their different personalities have found inspiration in Elisabetta Franchi, contributing to his creations. In a continuous exchange between the stylist and her interpreters, a collection takes shape that marks a new chapter of the brand.

The catwalk lights up with passion: red velvet dances with absolute black and glows in emerald. Bandaged and sensual bodies, the feminine and decisive step is a tribute to beauty and vanity, to the strength and feminine spirit.

The Fall-Winter collection 2022-23 mixes aesthetic choices and messages. It is a contemporary manifesto that focuses on the creative experience, and the awareness of the body is a joyful tale that stages the clothes in a suggestive timeless dimension. Play of lights and music accompany the show in a crescendo of positive emotions and vibrations that reveals a movement of outrageous women, he decided, aware and terribly sensual, ready to bring a message of change to the world.

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