De-Ox C Evolution for the face of Bioline Jatò

It is called De-Ox C Evolution the cosmetic line for the face created by Bioline Jatò that gives vitality, protection and firmness to the skin. We are in the summer and we need to take better care than ever of our face that suffers from stress attacks, pollution and sun. Furthermore, two important factors influence the aging of the skin: oxidation and glycation. The former ages our skin by accumulating free radicals, powerful oxidizing agents. The second leads to loss of tone and compactness, the skin starts a slow and irreversible process that generates the Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs). It is harmful molecules that, accumulating, determine the stiffening of the skin's support structures and the disorganization of the dermal reticulum. To effectively fight the skin attacked and marked by both oxidative stress and glycation, the ideal is the De-OX line by Bioline Jatò which thanks to the combination of 3C Vitamin Pool, DE-OX Complex e AGL Dipeptide, functional substances capable of activating the natural skin defense systems, the skin is elastic, bright and resistant to environmental stimuli. Active ingredients that are combined with innovative formulations with high tolerability and clinically proven efficacy, characterized by prolonged release delivery systems. Let's see specifically what it is.

3C VITAMIN POOL: Bioline Jatò combines three different forms of Vitamin C, in a balanced formulation, to offer the skin maximum concentration, absorption and stability.

DE-OX COMPLEX: three multi-function active ingredients (Oxishield, Ectoin and Maslinic acid) they act in synergy to offer the skin a global protective action.

AGL DIPEPTIDE: it is a functional substance with proven efficacy, with natural anti-oxidant and anti-glycation properties, which prevents and counteracts both processes, giving firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Among the products of De-Ox line by Bioline Jatò point:


C vitamin, AGL dipeptide, Vitamina E

The serum contains vitamin C, panthenol and vitamin E has a silky consistency, with a citrus and delicate fragrance, it absorbs in an instant. The serum revitalizes and recharges the skin with energy, giving the face hydration, brightness and an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being. Authentic radiance and youth starter, maintains natural elasticity and skin firmness over time.


Oxishield, Maslinic acid, AGL dipeptide

With a silky consistency it gives the face a feeling of freshness, it absorbs easily, giving brightness and well-being. To be used on both face and neck. Inside the package there is a spatula that allows you to take the product without touching it directly with your fingers, avoiding the spread of bacteria inside the cream. It reduces the visibility of the marks left by time, giving the skin a unique brightness and a feeling of total well-being.

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