Crida spring summer collection 2022


We called it LEVANTE because it is a name that evokes brightness and rebirth and because of us, lowland people, remembers the Ligurian Riviera, the nearest sea, the possible dream of a vacation.
Shout was born in Bergamo and after a difficult year to forget she wants to start her journey in Italy from a region we love for many reasons: the charm of the places, from Portofino to the Cinque Terre, the music of André, Tenco, praise, Gino Paoli to name just a few of the Ligurian songwriters who created poetry. And then the aromas and flavors of the kitchen, the focaccia of Recco, trofie with pesto, without forgetting the sparkle of the Sanremo festival which represents the history of Italian costume and fashion.
Each of these worlds has enchanted and inspired us.
So we wanted to start from there, from Genoa and surroundings, to tell in the spring summer collection 2022 the Italian elegance that we like: all of our dresses are made with natural fabrics, silks and cottons that caress the body, wide and soft skirts, for a refined and never ostentatious femininity. Clothes to be loved and carefully stored in the closet as the thrifty inhabitants of this region know well. And exploring this land made of sea, wind and a hinterland where woods and witch stories intertwine, we also wanted to pay homage to ancient and special craftsmanship: the Lorsica dress takes its name from the village in the mountains behind Chiavari where a woman, Stefania De Martini, he still creates the famous damask by hand with the family looms made at home after the war. Craftsmanship is an added value of Italy that must be told, preserved and handed down. For Crida, fashion must look forward to an increasingly ecological and environmentally friendly world, but never forgetting our past.

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