Garland Collection of Pasquale Bruni

Noble and romantic Garland collection by Pasquale Bruni lights up with new ideas in a version starring Amethyst intense and deep purple hue, the heat of the quartz and the purity of the milky white diamonds.
Garland was born from the creative genius of Eugenia Bruni. The princely collier, masterpiece of the line Violet Ghirlanda, 18kt white gold is composed of 200 white diamonds for 6 Carat, 204 Office of e 85 milky quartz for 93 Carat. The jewel is characterized by a double fit of shape and color: can in fact be transformed into two bracelets, in different ways that enhance the nuances that make up the collier, effect created from the buds to drop, that are reversed.
The collection of the classic cross pendant Maison, teardrop earrings, rings and drop the regal ring that is reminiscent of the Crown Jewels.

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