Chantecler: nuove proposte di Paillettes e Chérie

Chantecler presented its new creations at the last edition of the fair,,it,The proposals of the,,it,Paillettes collection,,it,they stand out for their shapes and the new turquoise sky color,,it,More than jewels, they seem to be cascades of effervescent joy,,it,Chérie collection,,it,it is enriched with new sophisticated creations,,it,Micro sautoir in pearl,,fr,onice,,en,red coral,,it,white and turquoise coral, fruit of a careful selection that includes only perfect and uniformly colored spheres,,it. Le proposte della collezione Paillettes they are distinguished by their shapes and the new Capri blue color,it. Più che gioielli sembrano cascate di gioia effervescente. The collezione Chérie si arricchisce di nuove sofisticate creazioni.

Micro sautoir in perle, onice, corallo rosso, corallo bianco e turchese frutto di un accurata selezione che include solo sfere perfette e dal colore uniforme. The new variations of rings are small sinuous sculptures with red coral at the center,,it,onyx and turquoise,,it,Chanteclear,,fr,new proposals by Paillettes and Chérie,,it, white, l’onice e il turchese.

of G. Pileggi

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