Calligaris Group, Leading Italian group in the global furniture sector, announces that it has today finalizedthe acquisition of the 100% by Fatboy, Dutch design brand.

Fatboy, company founded in Den Bosch (Netherlands) in 2002 and immediately identified for the iconic oversized bean bag by Finnish interior architect Jukka Setala, in a few years it has become a leader in the young and fun design sector.

Typically Dutch practical spirit and an international team are the ingredients behind the success of the company, which invoices more than today 50 millions of euros thanks to furniture, lamps, Supplies, garden furniture e, naturalmente, with the timeless bean bag.

With the acquisition of Fatboy, Calligaris Group adds an iconic brand to its portfolio and will benefit from Fatboy's digital knowledge and its solid and proven track record in omnichannel strategy. The Group aims, also, to become more solid in the outdoor sector, reference segment of the Dutch company, mentre Fatboy, with the support of Calligaris Group, aims to expand its global presence. Also, this partnership will leverage the operations experience of both companies, to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their production chain.

Fatboy is the first non-Italian company to join Calligaris Group, alongside the Calligaris brands, Marriages, Ditre Italia and Luceplan. “We've done a great job with Vendis Capital over the last few 4 years and a half. We have managed to increase sales and profits, to grow the Fatboy brand and at the same time to strengthen our organization and ways of working to ensure a solid company for the future. The partnership with Calligaris will help us to continue our journey, allowing us to do what we do best: add a smile to life with our innovative and bold designs”, says Petra Vos, Fatboy CEO.

"We are thrilled to be working with the Fatboy team who will bring their deep knowledge of the digital world and a proven track record in the outdoor industry., allowing our reality to reach new goals "declares Stefano Rosa Uliana, Calligaris Group CEO. “We are honored to welcome such an iconic design brand to the Calligaris Group family and we are delighted to be able to face the next evolutionary phase of the Group together.. With Fatboy there was an immediate harmony, we have a lot in common, first of all, attention to sustainability “.

The acquisition of Fatboy is also part of Alpha's value creation strategy, pan-European private equity fund that acquired the majority of Calligaris Group in September 2018. Paolo Magni, Alpha's partner at the Milan office that followed the operation said: “We are very happy to welcome an iconic brand like Fatboy to Calligaris Group, which is mainly characterized by innovation, sustainability and significant exposure to digital channels.

The operation will allow the development of important commercial and product synergies, as well as taking another step in our project to create an international and diversified leader in the furniture and lifestyle sector "

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