Claws Girl Spring Summer 2013

For Spring Estate 2013 Claws Girl inspired by a dramatic cosmos where, the lost identity is found, thus creating a collection marked by futuristic look great fit and function.

In one scenario day after, the palette color goes blue dall'algido, explored in all its shades to bright and sparkling shades of yellow, fuchsia and orange until you get to the more eco green.

A wardrobe that is shaking the dust from his shoulders to live a breath of freshness. Decorations, sequins and small bows, peep in a collection as always hyper feminine and versatile contemporary flavor.

For girls sporty chic, Claws Girl proposes leaders electrical and ipervitaminici, t-shirt stampate, jeans embellished with exclusive washes and mini faux leather jackets for an aggressive look and decided.

More coy and feminine airy and light, Mini dresses, are composed of soft, flowing satin ruffles arrested slipped a bow at the waist that gives simple and refined elegance.

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