Artdeco's new for summer

Artdeco think to summer and the desire to tan, colore e freschezza…Long-life. Aromatic Body Fragrance Spray Relaxing body with Neroli and Sandalwood fragrances Asian. The aromatic body spray envelops in a exotic bouquet Asian neroli and sandalwood. After showering you spray perfume all over your body.

Long Lashes MascaraLong Lashes Mascara
For perfectly separated lashes provided by the ideal formulation and to the special brush shape. The lashes stay soft and flexible, even when it was applied much mascara.
Nutirenti cere, come la cera carnauba, retain the flexible and elastic eyelashes. An extra nourishing effect is provided by vitamin E and panthenol. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Golden Bronze Oil DropsGolden Bronze Oil Drops
Light oil with a light gloss effect gives the skin a warm, golden glow. The delicate scent of coconut reminiscent of the summer. The extra-fine bright particles make the skin glow, in a discreet, at the light of the Sun. The light texture is rapidly absorbed, glides gently on the skin and leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin. The nourishing oil pampers dry skin with ingredients such as soothing bisabolol and jojoba oil, which makes the skin soft and supple. It lies the Golden Bronze Oil Drops to the desired part of the skin in a circular motion. To remove, wash with warm water and a little 'soap.

High Performance Eyeshadow StyloHigh Performance Eyeshadow Stylo
Eye shadow in pearl Stylo, long-lasting, waterproof. Easy to apply; the stylo can be easily spread evenly with a few taps and provides a uniform result. The soft, anti-snagging texture provides a fantastic time on the eyelid.
You do not need to toe, thanks to the retractable mechanism. Suitable for sensitive eyes and for those who use contact lenses. without Fragrance, without paraben, no mineral oils.

Color Lip Shine

Color Lip Shine
Lipstick cream-gel is very easy to apply and gives a delicate freshness and brilliance. The lipstick contains brilliant polymers that accentuate and make the most beautiful lips in a natural way.
Bronzing Powder Compact long-lasting
A two shades gives a natural summer complexion “kissed by the sun”. Easy to apply and even out the skin. Bronzing Powder Compact long-lasting

It lasts all day and is extremely comfortable on the skin. Two warm colors and perfectly matched to give a nice summer tan and allow the skin to appear exceptionally smooth. When the product is finished, you can simply remove the small box and insert a new refill Bronzing Powder Compact.

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