Preview P / E 2015: decidedly chic

In casa Preview the key word is CHIC. The collection Spring Estate 2015 is extremely versatile, fun and essential; a vision of women at all obvious, contemporary but at the same time looking to the future.
Soft blazer, brightly colored top and cardigan are accompanied by low-cut pencil skirts whose lengths ranging mostly from knee to ankle. Coprenze “severe” defused by the semi-transparencies of chiffon and stiffer materials that seem to evoke the sparkling mini-dresses of the legendary Barbie of the early 90s: metal, multifrange, vinyl, shiny or rather jaded. All filtered and carefully dosed by creative director Izumi Ogino, which causes not never exceeds the line of excessive.
The accessory management becomes a must-have: small clutch, sandals with chunky heels and cloche hats delineate a style somewhere between the casual and the elegant, decidedly chic.
of Claudia Press

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