Angelos Bratis Spring Estate 2015

For this collection Spring Estate 2015 the point of view of Angelos Bratis embraces that of the greek painter Yannis Moralis, one of the major figures in the painting and the cultural debate in Greece in the late 50s and 70s.

The two share an abstract approach with which to interpret the eroticism, expressed through the rough geometric shapes of architectural modernism. Seek harmony conceptual embracing the same vision graphics, powerful and minimal.

It is an aesthetic light, Basic sophisticated and at the same time, dresses and kaftans made of crepe de Chine and semi-stretch cady, accompanied by a scarf in silk twill.

Triangles, rectangles and semicircles. Patterns unpredictable. Cut on the bias. The game in diagonal, that represents the digit stylist Bratis, is infinite unexplored roads. The sensuality of his woman communicates through forms, facendosi rarefatta and distant, but at the same time extremely fascinating.


A dimension semi-liquid, suspended, and made so by the colors of Moralis: beige, gold, pink electric, yellow sun, white solid, black and, in fine, a blue ranging from overseas until the enveloping shade of the night sky.

In the same spirit of the clothes, jewelery Maria Mastori, sculptural pieces in wood, gold leaf and brass impact organic. Morphologies from the ancestral echoes, as smoothed by marine.

of Claudia Press

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