"AmatoriArte" young Calabrian artists at the time of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has damaged a system that seemed irrepressible: globalized capitalism. Invece, ad oggi, it's all hit and nearly sunk: supply and demand, goods and services, healthcare and globalization, borders, culture and artistic projects. Someone he asked himself whether it was the end of the "invisible hand of the market", Well indeed it certainly is, the return of the much more visible one of the intervention of State that with its aid has entered every form and sector in consideration of new health goals, cheap, social, environmental. And theart?

If almost all over the planet museums and spaces dedicated to art are closed and travel must be limited to the minimum and essential, mental spaces remain free and infinite. The quarantine regime, imposed to win the battle against the Coronavirus, beyond to put economies in crisis, it is having health effects on people of a psychological nature (anxiety, stress, mood swings, panic attack for this sudden change in lifestyle); then, here, than taking refuge in art it can be not only a healthy barrier but it can be an input towards the discovery of new resources, channeling energy towards something constructive.

Among the countless innovations, the project deserves an in-depth mention AmatoriArt, which was conceived during the first lockdown, when the condition of isolation in homes hit everyone for the first time, forcing us to spend more time in the company of ourselves and ours "Very personal troubles". The artists who are now part of AmatoriArt they decided to take a brush and attack a canvas or a wooden plate, a gesture he represented, in the daily life of the pandemic, not just a form of exorcizing drama, but also the most symbolic way to express the desire to re-emerge. Calabrian artists who have produced their works in quarantine are many.

Aurelia L. “Our greatest wish is to create spaces for cultural and artistic sharing in the cities of our land and for this purpose we hope to find many other people interested in publishing with us and being part of this community. Create new social events (exhibitions, esposizioni, debates) in a Calabria where often i young people feel bored and uninspired is a goal indeed important for us looking forward to times when it will be possible again get closer to each other”.

Most of the paintings exhibited in the online galleries on Instagram on the page @Amatoriarte are for sale. Through Amateur art, people have the opportunity to purchase a unique item, that no one else has, supporting the small artists and artisans who are getting involved with this project. Two very good reasons to find out and support it! Many guys who make art contacted them as soon as the account was created and not all of them are painters: some of them write poetry, others compose music, they are all unique and worth discovering. Internet is confirmed once again, the fastest tool for cultural dissemination, a chance to even enter places, case, people, minds, able to to find, and then make it effective, a new sales and dissemination approach, a company that has established itself on the market where it finds fertile ground and succeeds in every big business.

Through, the network works are sold, you buy them, are exhibited and commented on, they are removed from immobility, is a museum that travels all over the world at the same time, without any self-certification to fill out. The museum on the internet, the art and culture exhibited in(inter)tela, it does not contrast with live exhibitions, on the contrary it can be supportive, it is a complementary and not antithetical tool of enhancement and communication. Each work can be analyzed, read, however, it certainly excludes contemplation, since there is no longer a temple or a place of time.

Is born, therefore, a new way of interacting with art, which can also be approached and appreciated online. An approach, the virtual one, until a few months ago, light years away from the purist consideration that, in preferring close contact with the work of art, he considered visiting or listening only live and could not be perceived in any other way. Now the offer changes and we wonder what interaction and cultural consumption will be like in the continuation of the emergency and post; it will be interesting to understand: people will still want to get together en masse at an art event, concert or in a museum? Or again, you will opt for a privileged and more inwardly sophisticated access by logging in from your device, comfortably seated on the sofa at home?

of R. Mangani

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